Certifications & Courses

NASM CPT & MMA Conditioning Specialist : The National Academy of Sports Medicine is the global leader in teaching exercise science and the most respected personal training certification in the field of fitness.

CCSF Anatomy & Physiology : An integrated course covering the fundamental principles of human anatomy and physiology.


Hi There

Ever since I was young, I have always had a passion for martial arts and athleticism. Since the age of 6, I have trained in a diverse array of martial arts, ranging from Jeet Kun Do to Brazilian Ju Jitsu. However, my true focus lies in Capoeira, which I have practiced for over 10 years under the internationally renowned Master Urubu Malandro (Samuel Domingos). Together, with his Capoeira group, we have performed in numerous public and private events throughout the Bay Area - including corporate performances for Red Bull and Scion. 

While training to improve myself as an athlete, I have discovered effective training methods. After a couple of years working at Google as an international account manager, I switched careers in order to pursue my passion. Sharing my exercise knowledge with clients and helping them overcome their physical challenges, is a rewarding experience.  The final result is seeing my clients achieve their fitness goals.

Training Approach

Whether you’re training for a marathon or an MMA fight, building a foundation in strength is imperative. Strength will allow an athlete to be faster, more explosive, and, to an extent - enhance endurance. An effective method for gaining strength is to train with barbells. The barbell movements require multiple joints to work in sync, similar to joint movements performed in sports. The barbell can also be loaded gradually, which constantly challenges the athletes body and elicits new adaptations.


After a foundation in strength is established, the next step is to begin conditioning training. Conditioning programs can be tailored to mimic specific metabolic demands of any sport using kettlebells and plyometrics. Ultimately, the results are a strong and well conditioned athlete.

Training with barbells and kettlebells is a simple and effective approach. Whether you want to improve performance as an athlete or look and feel good, barbells and kettlebells will give you results… give them a try!