What to Expect:

The Playground :

  • semi private studio with great city views
  • equipped with shower
  • towel service
  • wi-fi 

The Sessions:

  • 50 minutes training session
  • Customized training program to meet individual's goals (for One-on-One option)
  • Coaching on Barbell & Kettlebells lifts
  • Proper stretching techniques

Session Types:


To get the fastest results in safe way, one-on-one training sessions is the best option. This approach allows a strength coach to pay close attention to a client's movement, and make corrections so that an athlete can reap the most benefit from the exercise. This option is ideal for clients that want to acquire specific goals such as developing optimal strength, power, and conditioning.


Training with a friend is always fun. If you and your friend are seeking a general exercise program, this option is for you. The workout would consist of high intensity kick ass circuit training through compound exercises using free weights.



  • 1 session @ $90
  • 4 sessions @ $340 (save 6%)   
  • sessions @ $640 (save 11%) 


  • 1 session @ $120
  • 4 sessions @ $448 (save 7%)
  • 8 session @ $840 (save 13%)

Prices will vary depending on the session type, and on the number of session bought within a monthly package. Discount are available on packages for first time clients. Come in for a free 30 minute consultation.