What to Expect:

The Playground :

  • semi private studio with great city views
  • equipped with shower
  • towel service
  • wi-fi 

The Sessions:

  • 75 minutes training session
  • Customized strength training program
  • Coaching on Barbell movements and other accessory exercise (Squats, Bench, Press, Deadlift, Power Clean)

Session Types:


To get the fastest results in a safe way, one-on-one training sessions is the best option. This approach allows a strength coach to pay close attention to a client's movement, and make corrections so that an athlete can reap the most benefit from the barebell lifts. This option is ideal for clients that want to acquire specific goals such as developing optimal strength, power, and conditioning.


Training with a friend is always fun. You can find inspirations from seeing your friend get strong and break through roadblocks to set new PRs. While you are resting from your heavy set, I will be coaching your friend to make the max gainzZz.  It also is great way to save a bit of money by splitting the cost with your friend.



  • 1 session @ $120


  • 1 session @ $150