Nutrition is an important factor for great health and fitness and you should always seek to get all your vitamins and nutrients from whole foods. That being said even if you are diligent about your food intake, most likely you are still deficient in a couple of different nutrients. Supplements can play a vital role in picking up the slack in your diet and aid your recovery.

Below are a few supplements that I think are essential for strength training. The creatine is optional, and in my opinion you should only take it if your engaging in competitive sports. You can get these products at our local co-op Rainbow Grocery. Now to cover my ass, here is my disclosure, always check with your health care professional before using these products as an individuals needs might be different.

Biochem Sports Whey Protein Powder

Hands down whey protein is the best for aiding recovery and building strength. This is one I found to be of good quality and decently priced. Make sure to get vanilla. The flavor can blend with anything, and it will still taste good.


If your not currently taking these fatty acids, then you should start adding it to your diet. It has been linked to maintaining a good heart and helping with cholesterol.

Creatine Monohydrate

Muscles naturally have a reservoir of creatine to help create ATP, the molecule required for muscle contraction. If you have more creatine in your body, then you can contract a muscle for a longer period of time. This translates into being able to sprint for a few seconds longer before feeling the need to slow down to catch your breath. If you want a more technical explanation, check out this video.

Complete Nutritional System™ Multivitamin

Contains multivitamin, antioxidants, and a few of the B vitamins. It is best to take these with your meals throughout the day. Some of the vitamins are water soluble, so if your body does not absorb them you will just pee them out.